How PV works

Solar modules convert light into electrical current. This functionality depends on the Photoelectric Effect within the cells of the Modules – 100 % environmentally friendly and completely silent process.

So that the electrical energy from the PV system can be pushed to the grid or used by the domecstic AC consumers (within the building). Inorder to do so, produced PV direct current must be converted into alternating current, which is achieved by the inverter.

To measure the electrical energy produced by the PV system, a meter is installed. This meter lets you know the energy produced by your PV systemby. It is also necessary to monitor the power from the grid (see below), in order to calculate your current consumption.

The AC distribution box is an electrical connector that is connected to the electricity grid and to your domestic network with your own consumers. Thus, some consumers in your building can be directly supplied by the PV system. At the same time the distribution box contains additional security-related components, such as fuses and surge protectors.

Consumption Meter
The reference meter is actually a bi-directional meter that can measure power drawn from or pushed into the grid. E.g. in case of partial self-consumption and partial grid supply; if you subtract the power reading on consumption meter from the PV meter, you get the self-consumed power of the PV system.

Main Grid
The distribution network ensures that the current that can not be used in your building can be used by the external consumers, creating a feed-in tariff that is paid to you. On the other hand main grid ensures that you can also take power when the PV system produces less than you need for your consumers (e.g. at night).

All relevant operation of the PV system is recorded, analyzed and visualized with an intelligent surveillance system. If a malfunction occurs, our surveillance experts will take care of the fault immediately - for a more better functioning PV system. With a clear knowledge of your energy consumption, you can also manage your own consumption better and save from the operational costs.