Our Experience

Installation of more than 300 large systems with over 7 years of experience in a variety of situations.

We have a strong engineering background and quality installation processes, enabling us for the most technically challenging projects; e.g. foil flat roofs (starting below 10kg/sqm) and usage of latest technology

Our projects are individually designed and economically optimized


Individually designed and optimized systems

Detailed analysis of the local situation, energy consumers, their load profiles and costs.

The complete plant is designed and optimized for maximum profitability - Power plant size, orientation, components.

Your high performance system can be distinguished by certified installation quality, demanding approval testing procedures and complete documentation.


Highest quality and latest technology

We use only those high quality components that meet the strictest requirements and regulations and we are 100 % manufacturer independent– we always select the best products for our customers.

A perfect installation ensures that your roof remains unscathed and additional tests of the components are carried out in cooperation with the Technical University of Munich which ensures independence quality checks.

We offer energy management with integrated storage systems.


With our sophisticated monitoring we ensures consistent performance

With our central monitoring, we continuously monitor the performance of each system and react immediately in case of deviations - 24 h guarantee.

Proactive fault detection helps us to avoid downtimes of single components.

Get your own log-in to follow live performance.


Awards and Certificates

Each of our projects gets individually TÜV and CO2 certified.