Full Service
Solar Leasing

Save Money by consuming self-generated affordable electricity and lock in price stability for a long time

With Solar leasing you have NO initial investment, no bank discussions, no burden to company’s line of credit. You remain flexible as the PV systems can be purchased at any time.

SUNTILITY custom designs and builds. Thereafter you enjoy our full service package including performance guarantee

You gain a Green and Innovative image, contributing to your company’s energy balance

Why hesitate?

Full Service
Solar Leasing


We take care of everything

SUNTILITY is a full service Solar Leasing company and no matter if you lease or buy, we take care of everything … and we guarantee production!



Save from the first day – at least 10 % - and lock in low energy rates for more than 25 years.

There is no capital investment, no upfront costs and no risk.

500 kWp solar power system example installation

Solar power system simulation

Expected electricity consumption in 2014
Expected electricity price increase
Electricity prices 2014

Solar system peak power
Solar power production
Own consumption rate
800.000 kWh/a + 1 % p.a
4,5% p.a.
19,3 ct/kWh

80 x 40 m²
500 kWp
530.000 kWh

Electricity Savings

Electricity savings
over time

First year
42.246 €
Average (Year 1-20)
61.174 €
Sum for years 1-20
1.284.645 €
Customized Financial Solutions*
Direct Purchase
Make your own investment
Standard Lease
No capital investment, reduced electricity costs for 20 years
Leasing with down payment
Benefit from even higher savings
Lease to Purchase
After 7 years you will own the system
Comparison of financial models*

It’s that easy

* the service will be provided by a leasing partner