Become a SUNTILITY business partner!
Generate Electricity on-site
and Save! Benefit from the low cost and environmental advantages of Solar Energy…
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SUNTILITY Solar Leasing*
– benefit from your own solar plant with no money down and we take care of everything…
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SUNTILITY – Award winning Engineering
and Quality, Photovoltaic plants individually designed for your needs …
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Industry specific experiences
We have worked all across Europe and gained knowledge in a wide range of industries.
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Your SUNTILITY advantages

Save Money by consuming self-generated affordable electricity and lock in price stability for a long time

With Solar leasing you have NO initial investment, no bank discussions, no burden to company’s line of credit. You remain flexible as the PV systems can be purchased at any time.

SUNTILITY custom designs and builds. Thereafter you enjoy our full service package including performance guarantee

You gain a Green and Innovative image, contributing to your company’s energy balance


What we do

Electricity costs continue to rise while photovoltaic system prices have dropped significantly in recent years . As a consequence, we can now provide you with photovoltaic electricity, significantly cheaper than your local electricity provider.

Therefore, we can offer photovoltaic generated electricity as an attractive alternative model today. In this business model, SUNTILITY builds, operates and finances* the plant. In short, SUNTILITY takes care of everything.

You enjoy cheaper electricity prices, based on green energy and decouple your company from rising electricity costs in the long run - without capital investment and effort!

The perfect partner for business

1. Experience of more than 300 large roof systems
2. Individually designed and optimized systems
3. High level of quality and the latest technology
4. Full service
5. Professional cooperation
6. Competitive price
7. Financing solutions from a single source*

* the service will be provided by a leasing partner